Lab Coats & Jackets

MedFlex™ jackets and lab coats give you easy, comfortable protection. First Medica™ MedFlex™ fabric is cool on the inside, repellent on the outside – it breathes as it protects. MedFlex™ lab coats and jackets are disposable or have limited reusablility and can be autoclaved for repeated use. Superior quality and value make MedFlex™ lab coats and jackets the best choice for your personal protection.

  • Note garments can be reused a limited number of times but should be disposed of when they become frayed or worn.  Do NOT pull material to open snaps. 

MedFlex™ Original Lab Coats

  • Snap front with knit collar and cuffs
  • Soft material is light-weight and comfortable
  • Non-woven matieral is designed to resist against splashes and is fluid Resistant
  • Disposable or reusable when autoclaved or gently washed
  • Three pockets for convenience
  • Unisex sizes ranging from S-XXL
  • Available in white and blue
  • 10 per pack and 5 packs per case

MedFlex™ Premium

Medflex Premium Jackets no background

  • Premium, non-woven fabric offers premium comfort which breathes as it protects.
  • Advanced technology provides fluid resistance and protection against splashes
  • Snap front with knit collar and cuffs
  • Disposable or reusable when autoclaved
  • Three pockets for convenience
  • Designed to maximize user comfort and performance
  • Unisex sizes ranging from S-XXL
  • Available in vibrant colors: pink; purple; teal; blue
  • 10 per pack and 5 packs per case

ValueFlex™  Valueflex Jacket CLEAR BACKGROUND

Slip into ValueFlex™ jackets and lab coats for serious protection. ValueFlex™,  offers a soft and light-weight fabric that maximizes comfort while maximizing performance. Splash resistance, superior quality and serious protection are what make ValueFlex™ the number one choice for healthcare and dental professionals.

  • Snap front with knit collar and cuffs
  • Soft, comfortable. light-weight, material
  • Non-woven material resists liquids
  • Three pockets for convenience
  • Unisex sizes ranging from S-XXL
  • Available in: pink, purple, teal, blue and white
  • 10 per pack and 5 packs per case

Product/Color/Size Cross Reference

MedFlex™ Original Lab Coats

  • D013-18-02 Blue Small
  • D013-18-03 Blue Medium
  • D013-18-04 Blue Large
  • D013-18-05 Blue XLarge
  • D013-18-06 Blue XXLarge
  • D014-18-02 White Small
  • D014-18-03 White Medium
  • D014-18-04 White Large
  • D014-18-05 White XLarge
  • D014-18-06 White XXLarge

MedFlex™ Premium Jackets

  • D033-18-02 Pink Small
  • D033-18-03 Pink Medium
  • D033-18-04 Pink Large
  • D033-18-05 Pink XLarge
  • D033-18-06 Pink XXLarge
  • D034-18-02 Purple Small
  • D034-18-03 Purple Medium
  • D034-18-04 Purple Large
  • D034-18-05 Purple XLarge
  • D034-18-06 Purple XXLarge
  • D035-18-02 Teal Small
  • D035-18-03 Teal Medium
  • D035-18-04 Teal Large
  • D035-18-05 Teal XLarge
  • D035-18-06 Teal XXLarge
  • D039-18-02 Light Blue Small
  • D039-18-03 Light Blue Medium
  • D039-18-04 Light Blue Large
  • D039-18-05 Light Blue XLarge
  • D039-18-06 Light Blue XXLarge

MedFlex™ Premium Lab Coats

  • D052-18-02 Teal Small
  • D052-18-03 Teal Medium
  • D052-18-04 Teal Large
  • D052-18-05 Teal XLarge
  • D052-18-06 Teal XXLarge
  • D053-18-02 Light Blue Small
  • D053-18-03 Light Blue Medium
  • D053-18-04 Light Blue Large
  • D053-18-05 Light Blue XLarge
  • D053-18-06 Light Blue XXLarge

ValueFlex™ Jackets

  • D040-18-02 White Small
  • D040-18-03 White Medium
  • D040-18-04 White Large
  • D040-18-05 White XLarge
  • D040-18-06 White XXLarge
  • D043-18-02 Pink Small
  • D043-18-03 Pink Medium
  • D043-18-04 Pink Large
  • D043-18-05 Pink XLarge
  • D044-18-02 Purple Small
  • D044-18-03 Purple Medium
  • D044-18-04 Purple Large
  • D044-18-05 Purple XLarge
  • D045-18-02 Teal Small
  • D045-18-03 Teal Medium
  • D045-18-04 Teal Large
  • D045-18-05 Teal XLarge
  • D049-18-02 Blue Small
  • D049-18-03 Blue Medium
  • D049-18-04 Blue Large
  • D049-18-05 Blue XLarge
  • D049-18-06 Blue XXLarge

ValueFlex™ Lab Coats

  • D089-18-02 Blue Small
  • D089-18-03 Blue Medium
  • D089-18-04 Blue Large
  • D089-18-05 Blue XLarge
  • D089-18-06 Blue XXLarge